Marketing Plan

What Information is Needed to Write a Marketing PlanCreating a marketing plan for your business is crucial. Without one, it would be difficult for a business to generate revenue and successfully make a profit. It’s essential you devise a plan that will clearly define the value of your products or services, with the end result […]

Matt’s Messy Desk

Hi Friend, Here is a brand new video thatI created for you, to answer one of the most asked question that we had on last Thursday’s telecall. Go here right now to find out what it is and find the answers to the questions straight from my messy desk… Enjoy, Matt Bacak P.S. Go here […]

Free CD to Legally Slash Your Taxes…

Dear Friend, Please find below a special message from Drew Miles, The Tax Saving Attorney and Pathfinder Business Strategies. They have some very important tax saving strategies to share with you. Drew has saved me over $97,210 in taxes and he can help you, too. Please take a few moments to read this life changing […]

Marketing Basics

Improve Marketing TechniquesMarketing basics consist of two significant approaches to marketing: shotgun and rifle. Each approach to advertising or lead generation is unique. It’s up to your to determine which one suits your industry best. Rifle ApproachThe least expensive marketing approach is the rifle. Businesses that choose this approach are able to select their target […]

Marketing Research

How to Effectively Research Your Target MarketMarket research is the collection and analysis of information regarding consumers (potential customers), competitors (same business type), and the effectiveness of marketing programs (i.e. direct mail marketing, newsletters, signage, etcetera). It’s an act of action before leaping into a business, and an educated move that determines the feasibility of […]

We need your help to make this great!

Hey Friend, Josh and I are preparing for our game of Internet Marketing Russian roulette taking place Tonight at 9PM Eastern. But we need your help! You see, Josh and I both plan on sharing some powerful information on building you Internet business. But, wealso want to answer your biggest most burning questions during our […]

Russian Roulette

Friend, Actually, They’re putting a gun to our heads. This Thursday night a very special guest and I will be playing Internet Marketing Russian roulette and you have to be there! That’s right, I said Russian roulette! My Internet Marketing “Secret Weapon” Josh Brown and I will be doing a teleseminar this Thursday night where […]

International Trade

Breaking into the international marketplace can catapult a company into increased profitability and growth more rapidly than when selling to a domestic market. But how do you market your company successfully to overseas buyers? What can you do to provide the right information to prospective clients that are informative and engaging? How can you stand […]

Firefox: Benefit Analysis versus Internet Explorer

Firefox, the open-source web browser from the non-profit Mozilla corporation, continues to make headlines with its ever-increasing market share versus Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (MSIE). Most of Firebird’s advantages are MSIE’s disadvantages, and vice-versa. This article will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Firefox in relation to MSIE. AdvantagesSecurity is often cited as […]